Can my dental bonding be whitened?

I have a dental bond on my front teeth that is 14 years old. I think it should be replaced but I simply can’t afford it right now. Is it possible to whiten the bond with teeth bleaching? Will the bond be whitened back to its original color?

– Tom from Washington, DC


Unfortunately, teeth whitening treatments will not get your teeth any whiter. In fact, teeth bleaching will likely make it look worse than it is now. What happens is the natural tooth under the bond will be whitened but it won’t affect the dental bonding color at all.

Polishing may improve the appearance of your dental bond. If the discoloration is from staining over the years and not from the discoloration of the material itself, then the polish may help. An expert cosmetic dentist would be able to advise you appropriately.

The other option is get the bonding redone.

You may want to wait until you can afford the right procedure. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, cheapest is not always better. To perform these types of procedures well, it takes the artistic eye and ability of a cosmetic dentist. Many general dentists don’t have the right materials, understanding, or training to do an excellent job.

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